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Use PayEasy for your payroll needs because it is simple to use, it is accurate, and saves you lots of time. See PayEasy Features. PayEasy is compliant with Tanzanian and Ugandan taxation and pension laws.
It supplements QuickBooks Accounting Software with a payroll system, a time attendance system and human resource management.

PayEasy payroll has no annual license fees, and it comes with excellent support. See here who is using PayEasy already.

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PayEasy was made with clarity in mind:

  • PayEasy has a ribbon menu, like in Microsoft Word and Excel. Data entry forms have a clear and consistent layout.
  • Typical training duration is five hours, mostly spent on configuration. If you use our Initial Data Load service, then general program use, monthly data entry and printing of documents can be taught in one hour.
  • The software has a help index, context sensitive help, a user manual, and a training manual.

Information is immediately available:

  • PayEasy quickly pulls up current and past information.
  • The monthly printing of pay slips, tax and pension forms, and other documentation takes a few minutes.
  • Export monthly summaries to QuickBooks Accounting software, so no need for re-keying data.
  • The semi-annual PAYE, SDL, WCF and Withholding Tax reports may take days to produce when using Excel or a manual system. PayEasy prepares them in seconds.
 Pricing  Support & Training

This makes PayEasy the most affordable payroll software around:

  • There are no annual license fees for PayEasy payroll.
  • Lease the software at a very affordable rate. Within the first year you can convert to lease to a purchase, deducting the lease fees.
  • Program updates can be downloaded free of charge from this web site.
  • There is no higher pricing for additional employees or multi-user implementations.
  • PayEasy requires only a few hours of training.

We have got your back:

  • Professional implementation, training and support services are part of the PayEasy solution.
  • Our helpdesk is ready to assist you if you would ever have trouble with the software.
  • Our consultants provide training, either on-site or online. Request a training proposal and pricing here.
  • We offer Annual Support Agreements.
 Accuracy    Data security

Payroll values must be accurate:

  • PayEasy software uses algorithms tested and approved by auditors and company accountants. After the initial configuration, the software will provide you month after month with accurate figures.
  • The software produces monthly files, used to transfer summary data to accounting software, so that your accounting journals contain exact data.
  • PayEasy has been in use for twelve years, proving its quality and reliability.


Payroll information is sensitive:

  • Multilevel security permits access by users with different security clearances and needs-to-know.
  • PayEasy's audit trail provides security-relevant chronological records.
  • The software generates automatic data backups.
  • Session time-outs.
  • Has password expiry and validity.