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Use PayEasy for your payroll needs.

PayEasy is simple to use, is accurate, and saves you a great deal of time.
It is compliant with Tanzanian and Ugandan taxation and pension laws, and stays compliant through frequent updates.
Multi-level user rights provide confidentiality.

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Satisfied user base.
Almost four hundred Organizations use PayEasy. 100% East Africa based and supported.


Rich feature set.
Astonishing rich Feature Set with over 135 printable forms and reports.

  Export to gateways Export to Gateways
Prepare export files for the TRA, WCF and banks.

Connection Connect
Connects to QuickBooks
and Biometric scanners.
  Trial Try it out before you buy.
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  Support and Training Support and Training
Support plans and training available.
Testimonials Our Users
Testimonials - what do our users say?

Frequent updates to ensure compliance.

  Help Index Help Index and Manual
Context sensitive help and user manual.
Integrates with a Human Resources System.
  Lease Pay quarterly
Lease or one-time purchase, no annual license fee. Lease PayEasy for as little as TSh 33,000 per month.
  Audit Trail

Audit Trail
Trace detailed transactions to discover fraud and errors.