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   Large Address Aware   

When opening complicated forms and queries you may see the 'System Resources Exceeded' error.

MS Office 32-bit allows Access 2010 - 2016 only 2MB Virtual Memory. Free virtual memory going below 700kB triggers that error.

To avoid this error make MS Access 'Large Address Aware'. It doubles the Virtual Memory available to 4MB.

  1. Find MSACCESS.EXE (C:\Program files (x86)\Microsoft Office\OfficeXX).
  2. Make a backup copy of 'MSACCESS.EXE'.
  3. Run 'Large Address Aware.exe'.
    Select 'MSACCESS.EXE'.
    Tick the box and Save.
  4. Run PayEasy.
  5. Run VMMap.exe.
  6. Select MSAccess.
  7. Check that 'Free' is almost 4GB (instead of only 2GB).

System Resource Exceeded


Large Address Aware.exe