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   Update PayEasy   

We frequently update the software with new features suggested by users, or when new statutory forms are released. These updates are free of charge.
PayEasy has been thoroughly tested with MS Office 32-bit and 64-bit versions. PayEasy requires at least MS Office version 2010 and has been tested with Access Runtime 2010.

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PayEasy Updaters for MS Office 2010 to 2019.

To use the PayEasy updater:

If you cannot download the updater.

Is your connection slow? Ask us to update remotely.

If you cannot update.
If your update does not work, please contact info@payeasy.co.tz

How updating works.
The updater files replaces the application and changes data file structures.
Your data is not affected.

Multiple companies.
We sell licenses for additional company files.

PayEasy Integrator.
The PayEasy Integrator software imports data from multiple PayEasy company files, and creates summary reports from this.
Contact info@payeasy.co.tz for additional info.

Download 32 bit

Version 21.13.
26-Nov-2021, 5.37 MB.
  1. In PayEasy, backup your data using File > Backup.
  2. Exit from the PayEasy program.
  3. Download either the 32-bit or 64-bit Updater file.
  4. Run the Updater file by double-clicking it.
  5. Start PayEasy: double-click the PayEasy icon on the desktop.
  6. Select your company file.
Download PayEasy 64 bit Version 21.11
24-Nov-2021, 5.29 MB


Help contents and Training videos downloads.

How to update the Help system and Training videos:

Download PayEasy Help Version 21.11.
26-Sep-2021, 13.1 MB.
  1. Exit from the PayEasy program.
  2. Download PayEasy Help and Training videos.
  3. Delete all files in c:\PayEasy\Training.
  4. Run both downloaded files by double-clicking them.
  5. Start PayEasy.

Download PayEasy Training Videos

Version 20.01.
06-Nov-2019, 114MB.


TRA Excel template files.


How to update the Excel template files.

Download Excel Templates July 2021 taxation.
26-Nov-2021, 172kB.
  1. Download the Excel templates file "PayEasyTemplates.exe"
  2. Double-click it.
Version Release date Update
20.13 23-Nov-21 IMPROVED Add foreign currency to advance slips
    IMPROVED Make tables SQL compatible
20.12 13-Oct-21 NEW Disabled employees' report
20.11 05-Sep-21 IMPROVED Control number in NSSF form 3
20.10 22-Aug-21 NEW Automatic Update
    NEW Advance payment slips
    IMPROVED Ratio calculations
21.09 10-May-21 IMPROVED Edit signature section
21.08 06-May-21 IMPROVED The loans entry and adjustment modules
    IMPROVED Suppress 0 amount pension in ZSSF form
21.07 26-Apr-21 NEW NSSF reports for multiple Departments
    NEW Latest PAYE and SDL upload formats
21.06 03-Apr-21 NEW HESLB balances on payslip
    IMPROVED Menu structure
    FIX Back up upon Exit
21.05 08-Mar-21 NEW record Piecework
    NEW Weekly payslips
    NEW Piecework reports
21.04 24-Feb-21 NEW Process days worked per month
    IMPROVED Groups in summary report
21.03 15-Jan-21 IMPROVED Add columns to summary filter
21.02 06-Jan-21 IMPROVED P9, P10 reports calculated with 5 decimals behind the decimal point
21.01 26-Dec-20 IMPROVED Add middle name field to all reports
20.19 22-Nov-20 NEW Turn off Fast Track menu
20.18 21-Oct-20 NEW Turn off auto export to Excel
    IMPROVED Move Pension options to Statutory menu
20.17 30-Sep-20 IMPROVED Include or exclude WCF on overtime
20.16 11-Sep-20 NEW Fast Track menu
    IMPROVED Added columns to Standard Overview report
20.15 07-Sep-20 NEW Export monthly PAYE and SDL for the TRA Gateway system
20.14 30-Jul-20 NEW Hide menu commands
20.13 22-Jun-20 NEW Exclude Seasonal workers from P9
    IMPROVED Several bug fixes
20.12 13-Jun-20 NEW Charts for tracking sickness leave
    NEW Added charts to the statistics report
20.11 02-Jun-20 NEW Pension history report
    IMPROVED File Menu
20.10 14-May-20 NEW Release 64-bit version
    NEW Exclude NSSF from severance pay
    NEW Deduct or Add a percentage of the Gross Salary
    NEW Daily Subsistence Allowance included in SDL
20.09 07-Apr-20 NEW Export file WCF Annual Return Summary
    NEW Bank Loan Advise
    FIX Bug in NHIF calculation
20.08 07-Mar-20 NEW Draw-down Account name
20.07 02-Mar-20 NEW Dashboard Look-ahead, and shortcut
    FIX Bug in loan balances
    IMPROVED Presentation of Reports
20.06 24-Feb-20 NEW Payment Advice by Project Code
20.05 04-Feb-20 NEW Secondary Salary
    IMPROVED Layout of forms
20.04 24-Jan-20 NEW Requires MS Access 2010 - 2019. MS-Access 2007 is no longer supported
    IMPROVED Re-layout several forms
20.03 13-Jan-20 NEW Trade Union Monthly Remittance Form
    NEW Print and Preview ribbon
    IMPROVED Help Index
20.02 17-Nov-19 NEW Additional HR data fields
    NEW Multi-level departments
20.01 12-Nov-19 NEW Alternative non-monetary benefit calculation
    NEW Authorize posting and printing reports
19.18 28-Oct-19 IMPROVED Speed of attendance reports
19.17 10-Oct-19 NEW Select NHIF method
    NEW Daily attendance report
    NEW Loan request forms
    IMPROVED Employment History report
19.16 01-Oct-19 NEW Ribbon Menu
    NEW Add NIDA and WCF code fields to WCF export
19.15 10-Jul-19 NEW Leave Schedule Report
    IMPROVED Lunch hours in weekly timetable
    IMPROVED Speed
19.14 31-May-19 IMPROVED Shifts
19.13 25-May-19 NEW SWIFT Code in bank info
    NEW Import Tanzanian Public Holidays
    IMPROVED Email pay slips in pdf format
    IMPROVED Bank Advise report and Excel export
19.12 29-Apr-19 IMPROVED Faster opening of Employee Data form and Configuration form.
    NEW Select 'No Pension Relief' for individual employees
    FIX WCF in report Tabular Overview
19.11 22-Mar-19 FIX Algorithms in the Make IIF file module
    FIX File Locks bug
    NEW Copy Direct Shift Allocations
19.10 31-Jan-19 IMPROVED Increased timeouts of queries
    IMPROVED Ignore clocking repeatedly by the same employee
    IMPROVED Speed of Recalculation by 10%
19.09 24-Jan-19 NEW Individual Shift allocation
    FIX Several minor bugs
19.08 08-Jan-19 NEW Timetables
    NEW Teams
    IMPROVED Shifts
19.07 14-Dec-18 IMPROVED Load dashboard on start up
    IMPROVED Display of menu icons under MS Office 201x
    IMPROVED Speed of Entry form 'Payroll for month', and Recalculate
19.06 07-Dec-18 NEW Time sheet
19.05 03-Dec-18 IMPROVED Data Import
    FIX Grievance attached documents
19.04 29-Nov-18 IMPROVE Student loan automatic final deduction amount
    FIX Bug in salary slips
    FIX Bugs in PSSSF form
19.03 16-Nov-18 NEW PSSSF form
    NEW WCF export file
19.02 09-Nov-18 IMPROVED Lock Screen
    FIX Data Collection forms - Appraisal scores
19.01 05-Nov-18 NEW Ugandan PAYE table
    NEW Ugandan Local service Tax
18.19 12-Oct-18 NEW PDF printer selection
    FIX Accumulated pension for previous pay slips
18.18 21-Sep-18 NEW Annual leave tracking on salary slips
18.17 19-Aug-18 NEW Dashboard
    NEW Overview report by Project Code
18.16 10-Aug-18 NEW Bank service levy
    IMPROVED Sort new NSSF report on Name
18.15 27-Jul-18 NEW Receipt info field in WCF monthly statement.
    NEW NSSF monthly statement
18.14 21-Jul-18 NEW Daily overtime.
    IMPROVED Support C2R emailing.
    FIX Company name in WCF monthly summary.
18.13 10-Jul-18 NEW Student Loans.
    NEW Attach documents to Grievances.
18.12 02-Jul-18 FIX Increased length of National ID card number to 25 characters.
    FIX Month selection in Pension Receipt entry form.
    FIX Salary slips for previous months.
18.11 08-Jun-18 NEW Monthly Leave Entry form.
    NEW Skip Workmen Compensation contribution.
    IMPROVE Add audit trail to Rapid Entry forms.
18.10 20-May-18 NEW Withholding Tax monthly return.
    NEW Withholding Tax bi-annual statement.
    FIX Advance Bank deposits - foreign currency.
18.09 06-May-18 NEW Minimum Pension Base (Used by NHIF).
    FIX Calculation of years worked.
18.08 21-Apr-18 NEW Grievances.
    FIX QuickBooks linking.
    FIX Loans.
    IMPROVE Deductions Summary speed.
    IMPROVE WCP-1 report date selection, added TIN.
18.07 18-Feb-18 NEW Edit, Delete, Add access rights.
    IMPROVE Select displayed pension totals by scheme.
    IMPROVE Severance pay calculation.
    IMPROVE Next Month Deduction.
    IMPROVE In the menu, exclude pension funds that haven't been configured.
18.06 19-Feb-18 IMPROVE Severance Pay Calculations.
    IMPROVE Increased earnings to 15.
    IMPROVE Added icons to menu.
18.05 03-Feb-18 NEW Departures Report.
    NEW Severance Pay Calculations.
    NEW Earnings, Deduction hours.
    NEW Annual Leave Balances report.
    FIX Single pay slips
    IMPROVE Enter Overtime in HH:MM.
18.04 15-Jan-18 NEW Variance report.
18.03 17-Dec-17 IMPROVE Appraisals.
    NEW Barclays upload salary file.
    NEW Departure module.
18.02 05-Dec-17 IMPROVE Added fields to Job Descriptions.
18.01 22-Nov-17 NEW Collapsible Side Menu for all versions.
    IMPROVE Disambiguation of libraries.
    IMPROVE Error trapping.
17.07 09-Oct-17 NEW Recruitment.
17.06 11-Sep-17 NEW Single Payslip.
    IMPROVE Workmen Compensation Fund in QuickBooks export file.
    FIX No empty pages in Overview reports.
17.05 27-Jul-17 NEW WCR-3 form.
    IMPROVE Set report filter for Access 2013 / 2016.
17.04 16-Jun-17 NEW Not Fixed Earnings, for WCF report.
17.03 01-Jun-17 IMPROVE Set payslip printing order.
17.02 24-Apr-17 IMPROVE Remember event calendar settings.
17.01 19-Apr-17 IMPROVE Windows 10 compatible.
16.09 22-Oct-16 NEW LAPF form.
    FIX Total SDL amounts in reports.
16.08 12-Aug-16 FIX bugs in previous months' WCF and Pension values.
16.07 11-Jul-16 IMPROVE Works with MS Access 2013.
16.06 19-Dec-15 IMPROVE Electronic NSSF file e-CON5.
16.05 04-Nov-15 FIX Export File.
    FIX Monthly Return SDL.
16.04 10-Oct-15 NEW NHIF form.
    FIX Long pension names.
    NEW Bank Branch names and codes.
16.03 22-Sep-15 NEW Report codes.
    FIX Dependants report.
    FIX Monthly Return SDL.
    IMPROVE Leave reports.
16.02 07-Sep-15 NEW Monthly Return SDL.
16.01 20-Aug-15 IMPROVE Text in dialog windows.
15.08 10-Jul-15 NEW Workers Compensation in Monthly overview reports.
15.07 28-Jun-15 NEW Configure taxable benefits as part of the gross salary.
    NEW Workers Compensation form.
    NEW Overtime summary
15.06 04-May-15 IMPROVE Move resources from Program file to Resources file for better stability.
15.05 26-Apr-15 NEW Record Spouse, Dependants.
15.04 07-Mar-15 FIX Path and Backup reminder configuration.
    IMPROVE Move QuickBooks config to company file.
    NEW Report Employment Duration.
15.03 20-Feb-15 FIX SDL amounts in foreign currency.
    IMPROVE Increase maximum basic salary 10-fold.
15.02 01-Dec-14 NEW Employment Request.
    NEW Search Employee.
    NEW Advertise.
    IMPROVE Increased the length of employer's pension code to 15 characters.
15.01 10-Nov-14 NEW Recruitment.
14.13 17-Oct-14 IMPROVE Hide Clock code.
    IMPROVE Select default to show Clock Code or Admin Code in reports.
    IMPROVE Unlock salary scales with a button.
    NEW Select columns in overview reports
14.12 11-Sep-14 NEW Track total pension contributions.
    NEW ZSSF and GEPF summaries for the month.
    IMPROVE Earnings and Deductions are grouped in Excel report for Overview reports.
    FIX Remove Leading and Trailing spaces from Employee import.
14.11 02-Aug-14 NEW Set maximum number of backup files.
    NEW Set lockout threshold.
    NEW Attendance bonus 2.
    NEW Donor and Project Codes.
14.10 05-Jul-14 NEW Password strength, expiry, lockout.
    NEW Import PAYE table.
    IMPROVE Remember passport picture zoom mode.
    FIX Pension payable in QuickBooks Monthly Report.
14.09 02-Jul-14 NEW Earning type 'net' and method 'deduct next month'.
    FIX Current 'Leave b/f' reflects previous 'Leave c/f' after Leave Adjustment.
    FIX Updater module.
14.08 19-Jun-14 NEW Report employment history.
    IMPROVE Disable deletion of default values that are in use.
14.07 13-May-14 NEW Data collection forms in Alternative Language.
    NEW Monthly Tax Payments report.
14.06 09-May-14 NEW PPF electronic report.
    IMPROVE Account number length increased to 25 digits.
14.05 17-Apr-14 NEW Audit trail.
    NEW Turn on/off Report Filter dialog.
14.04 12-Mar-14 NEW In Kind Earnings.
    IMPROVE Context Sensitive Help.
    IMPROVE Rapid data Entry.
    IMPROVE Help screens.
14.03 10-Mar-14 FIX bug in Send Payslip by email.
    IMPROVE File Open.
14.02 07-Feb-14 IMPROVE Display tall form: Payroll for Month.
    FIX bugs.
14.01 28-Nov-13 NEW Integrator export.
    NEW Skip SDL for an employee.
    NEW Loan Adjustment.
    NEW Adjust Earnings and Deductions with factor.
13.12 15-Oct-13 NEW Compress Biometrics file.
    IMPROVE Faster linking to data file.
    FIX Bugs in Loans.
    FIX Percentage in Bi-annual SDL report is now derived from data.
13.11 01-Oct-13 FIX bugs.
13.10 25-Sep-13 NEW Record Bank account name, select Home currency, customize tax and pension forms, store Factor by Employee.
    IMPROVE Payslip format, Display/hide cents, Foreign currency loans.
    FIX bugs.
13.09 24-Aug-13 NEW Monthly exchange rates
13.08 24-May-13 NEW NSSF electronic report
13.07 14-May-13 NEW Mode of payment for advances
    NEW Pension report: Individual total contribution
    FIX calculation of total PAYE.
13.06 13-Apr-13 NEW TRA Electronic Funds Transfer form.
13.05 25-Mar-13 FIX Minor bugs.
13.04 19-Feb-13 NEW Import Employees data.
13.03 12-Feb-13 NEW Rename program file and data file.
13.02 30-Jan-13 NEW Dual currency salary slip.
13.01 08-Jan-13 NEW Select Overtime method.
    IMPROVE Use ISO week numbers.
2.43 12-Nov-12 NEW Payslip in Kiswahili.
    IMPROVE Completely updated manual and help index.
    FIX Fixed bug in calculation of overtime.
2.42 07-Nov-12 IMPROVE Attendance recording.
2.41 04-Oct-12 IMPROVE Leave Brought Forward included in Recalculate.
2.40 26-Sep-12 NEW Record breastfeeding days, Deduct hours.
2.39 20-Sep-12 NEW: Skip PAYE for an employee.
    FIX bugs.
2.38 07-Jun-12 NEW Load Health, Training and Other Activities' data to Attendance records.
2.37 03-Jun-12 NEW Added report Muster roll Analysis - by Activity.
    IMPROVE Moved all Attendance reports to menu Reports - Attendance Summaries.
2.36 10-May-12 NEW Added Town field to Employees data.
    NEW Load Leave data to Attendance records.
    IMPROVE Include Biometrics file in backup.
2.35 25-Apr-12 NEW Job Descriptions.
    NEW Leave Request Form.
    NEW Signature block on salary reports.
    FIX Employee pension in overview-by-group reports.
2.34 07-Apr-12 NEW Maximum Pension exemption level.
    IMPROVE Export Attendance reports to Excel.
2.33 12-Mar-12 NEW Exchange rate on pay slips
    NEW Adjust recurrent loan deductions.
    IMPROVE Added Earnings and Deductions rows.
    IMPROVE Decreased window sizes to fit lower display resolutions.
2.32 06-Mar-12 NEW Loan History - Details has Balance b/f
    FIX QuickBooks monthly overview report - for previous months.
2.31 25-Feb-12 FIX ID card printing.
2.30 13-Feb-12 NEW Select Biometric scanning in Type of Contract.
2.29 19-Jan-12 NEW Select Code for reports.
2.28 17-Jan-12 NEW Added Alternative employee code.
2.27 28-Dec-11 FIX Included Biometrics table in purge.
    FIX Foreign currency on salary slips.
    REMOVED Add Company.
2.26 08-Dec-11 NEW Run summary reports for multiple months
    NEW HRM reports - Statistical report.
2.25 29-Oct-11 NEW Issued equipment list.
    NEW Email salary slips.
2.24 06-Oct-11 NEW Bank advise - single list.
2.23 26-Sep-11 NEW Fields for payroll period in Credit slip form.
    IMPROVE Foreign currency on salary slips and on bank payments.
2.22 05-Jul-11 NEW Export QuickBooks IIF file.
2.21 14-Jun-11 NEW Calculate Factors.
    IMPROVE Use foreign currency in salary scales.
2.20 06-May-11 NEW Lunch Hours.
    NEW Warning report excess overtime.
2.19 08-Apr-11 NEW Hide leave on salary slips.
    NEW PPF monthly contribution form.
    IMPROVE Use foreign currencies in Earnings and Deductions.
2.18 15-Mar-11 NEW Biometrics attendance reports.
2.17 01-Feb-11 NEW Select Biometrics reader.
2.16 30-Nov-10 IMPROVE Manual and Help screens - updated.
2.15 03-Sep-10 NEW Backup reminder.
    NEW Event Log.
    IMPROVE delete line in PAYE table.
    IMPROVE previous contracts read-only.
2.14 09-Jul-10 NEW Designation in pay slips
    IMPROVE 'Make new file' now works when using the Training File.
2.13 01-Jun-10 NEW Hide confidential records.
    NEW Advance payment advise.
    IMPROVE sorting orders of pay slips and payment advices.
2.12 14-May-10 IMPROVE On Payment Credit slip: added Employment taxes Bank Account Number.
2.11 24-Apr-10 NEW cheque number in cheque list.
    FIX Pension receipt reports.
2.10 21-Apr-10 NEW Biometrics processing.
2.09 01-Mar-10 IMPROVE Selection of Source file, Source path, Backup path and Report Path - now for each user.
    IMPROVE Recover from unlinked back-end file.
    FIX Loan summary report - previous months.
2.08 25-Feb-10 IMPROVE Forms 'Payroll for Month' and 'Muster roll' open 30x faster.
2.07 04-Feb-10 NEW Auto rebuild corrupted data file.
2.06 26-Oct-09 NEW Roll back data file to previous month.
2.05 11-Oct-09 NEW Loan Deductions for the Month report.
    IMPROVE Removed cents from payment advises.
2.04 13-Sep-09 NEW Adjust past leave.
2.03 05-Jul-09 NEW Added loan repayments to Deductions report.
    NEW In QuickBooks report: breakdown of Salary Account.
    NEW Automatic Recalculation before posting.
2.02 25-Jun-09 FIX Error in Leave calculation.
2.01 15-Apr-09 NEW Compensate public holidays with leave days.
    NEW Copy literally last month's earnings and deductions.
    NEW Basic salaries in foreign currencies.
    IMPROVE Pension definition, now includes insurances.
2.00 10-Mar-09 NEW Renamed to PayEasy+HR
    NEW Make automatic backup when posting.
1.25 07-Feb-09 NEW Display names of Export Folder and Report at the top of report display.
    IMPROVE format of Excel export reports.
    FIX Export Reports folder leakage.
1.24 29-Jan-09 NEW Option to purge old data.
    IMPROVE Loan reports include current month.
    FIX Error in calculation of Tax on Housing.
1.23 02-Jan-09 FIX Employee-Year Dialog box.
1.22 16-Dec-08 NEW P10 report.
    IMPROVE Wrap long codes and names.
    IMPROVE P9-P10 yearly report.
1.21 21-Oct-08 FIX Errors in Leave reports.
1.20 17-Oct-08 NEW Fixed pensions.
1.19 17-Sep-08 NEW Taxable Benefits.
    IMPROVE Updating program files.
1.18 26-Aug-08 IMPROVE Backing up module.
    FIX Tax calculation in payroll for month entry form.
1.17 20-Aug-08 NEW Tabular Overview reports by category.
    NEW Bank as payroll filter criterion.
1.16 09-Jul-08 NEW Add fields to Employee info.
    NEW Data entry form for Employee info.
    NEW Scores in Appraisals.
1.15 03-Jul-08 NEW Monthly TRA Credit slip.
    IMPROVE Add destination in Restore dialog box.
    IMPROVE Lay-out of dialog windows
1.14 30-Jun-08 FIX Error in SDL report.
1.13 28-Jun-08 NEW Casual labour.
    NEW Option 'Update Assistance'.
    IMPROVE dialog box 'Add New File'.
    FIX Error in loan balance for adjusted loans in salary slips, totals error in P9 report.
1.12 18-Jun-08 NEW Restore option.
    NEW Page Setup option.
1.11 11-Jun-08 NEW Password by-pass
    IMPROVE speed of recalc 5-fold.
    IMPROVE Move temporary tables to front end.
    FIX Error in Basic Salary Calculator.
1.10 08-Jun-08 NEW Earnings, Deductions %Gr.
    NEW Foreign currency basic salaries.
    NEW report Incomplete employee data.
    IMPROVE No deleting first Sysop password
1.09 03-Jun-08 NEW SDL bi-annual report.
    NEW Audio visual training.
    NEW Repair and compress back end.
1.08 28-May-08 NEW Basic Salary Calculator.
    NEW Lock employee tabs.
    IMPROVE Moved option 'Switch Company' to the 'File Menu'.
    IMPROVE Expanded filters to Payroll support.
1.07 23-May-08 NEW PAYE bi-annual report.
    NEW Added several report filters.
    NEW Display warning old PAYE table when posting.
1.06 08-May-08 NEW Zanzibar pension rules.
    NEW Loan/basic ratio.
    IMPROVE Added SDL column to P9/P10 report.
1.05 07-May-08 NEW Cash advise with Added analysis.
1.04 06-May-08 IMPROVE Added pension number to pension report.
    FIX Error in PAYE calculations.
1.03 05-May-08 IMPROVE Modules for export reports, and for refreshing payroll temp table.
1.02 04-May-08 NEW Pension Receipts.
    NEW Browsing for file and folders.
    IMPROVE Block selecting HRM_fe.mde as data file.
    IMPROVE Reduced size of reports.
1.01 27-Apr-08 NEW context sensitive help.
1.00 28-Feb-08 Release of PayEasy MVP version.
0.00 07-Mar-06, 09:37 Start build of PayEasy.