1 A1Outdoor Dar es Salaam Retailer
2 A&A Computers Ltd. Arusha ICT
3 Accacia East Africa Lodge Arusha Hotels
4 ACCA Arusha Financial Services
5 Access Bank Tanzania limited Dar es Salaam Bank
6 Acme Ltd. Arusha Engineering
7 Addgold Safaris Arusha Tour Operator
8 Africa Academy for Public Health Dar es Salaam Education
9 Africado Ltd. Sanya Juu, Moshi Agriculture
10 African Environments Arusha Tour Operator
11 African Fertilizer and Agribusiness Partnership Dar es Salaam Agriculture
12 African Inland Church Tanzania - Musoma Musoma Religious
13 African Inland Church Tanzania -Geita Geita Religious
14 African Management Development Centre Arusha Education
15 Afya Microfinance Ltd Dar es Salaam Financial Services
16 Agro Ranch Company Bukoba Agriculture
17 AGP Consultants Arusha Financial Services
18 Aikan Human Resource Consultants Ltd. Kampala, Uganda Consultants
19 Air Excel Arusha Airlines
20 Alex Rechsteiner Arusha Private
21 Alex Walker Safaris P-11/12/2017 Arusha Tour Operator
22 Alphex Consulting Co. Ltd Mwanza Engineering
23 Amafhh Distributors Ltd. Arusha Services
24 Anderson's African Adventures Arusha Tour Operator

Angaza Women Center

Sanya Juu, Moshi NGO
26 Animal Crew Machame NGO
27 Antelope Tours and Safaris Services Ltd. Dar es Salaam Tour operator
28 APHFTA Dar es Salaam NGO
29 Arusha Art Limited Arusha Engineering
30 Arusha Backpackers Limited Arusha Hotels
31 Arusha Blooms Limited Arusha Horticulture
32 Arusha Coffee Mills Ltd. Arusha Agriculture
33 Arusha Cuttings Arusha Agriculture
34 Arusha Mental Health Trust Arusha NGO
35 Arusha Water Drilling Company Ltd. Arusha Engineering
36 Arusha Woven Arusha Manufacturing
37 Ashton Media Ltd. Dar es Salaam Advertising
38 Atomic Energy Council Kampala, Uganda Government
39 Avanti Communications Tanzania Limited Dar es Salaam Services
40 AVCO Investments Ltd Arusha Transport
41 Babito Pharmacy Mbeya Retail
42 Banana Investments Arusha Manufacturing
43 Baylor College of Medicine Children's
Mwanza NGO
44 BC Mining Limited Dar es Salaam Mining
45 Beaco Resort Mbeya Hotels
46 Berea Bible College Moshi Education
47 Bondeni Flower Ltd. Moshi Horticulture
48 BP Great North Arusha Services
49 Braeburn Schools (T) Limited P-01/03/2018 Arusha Education
50 Brooklyn Group Dar es Salaam Manufacturing
51 Buckreef Gold Company Mwanza Mining

Bukoba Water Supply and Sanitation Authority

Bukoba Services
53 Bumps Café Karatu Restaurants
54 Burka Coffee Estates Ltd A-07/05/19 Arusha Agriculture
55 Bushbuck Safaris Arusha Tour Operator
56 C.R. Kajuna and Company Moshi Financial Services
57 Cafe Africa Moshi Restaurants
58 Calypso Ltd. Arusha Hotels
59 Camp Catering Services Ltd. Arusha Services
60 CARE for HIV/AIDS foundation Dar es Salaam NGO
61 Case Medcare Kampala, Uganda Health
62 Case Medical Center Kampala, Uganda


63 Cashewnut Board of Tanzania Mtwara Agriculture
64 Catholic Arcdiocese of Arusha - Medical Board Arusha Health
65 Caucus for Children's Rights Arusha NGO
66 CEMDO Tanzania Morogogoro NGO
67 Central Plaza Company Limited Arusha Hotels
68 Chanjale Seminary Same Education
69 Chanika Poultry Farm Dar es Salaam Farming
70 Christ Church International Arusha Religious
71 Claritas International Dar es Salaam Auditors
72 Claritas International - 2 Dar es Salaam Auditors
73 Clinton Health Access Iniative Dar es Salaam Health
74 CMF International Arusha NGO
75 Coca Cola Experts Dar es Salaam Manufacturing
76 Coca Cola International Dar es Salaam Manufacturing
77 Conservation Foundation Trust Arusha NGO
78 Computer Centre Ltd. Dar es Salaam ICT
79 Conservation Farming Unit Tanzania Dar es Salaam Agriculture
80 Cords Arusha NGO
81 Corto Safaris Arusha Tour Operator
82 Country Lodge Manyara Hotels
83 Crater Forest Tented Lodge Ngorongoro Hotels
84 Dan & Associates Enterprises Ltd. Mbinga, Songea Agriculture
85 Darakuta Hydro Power Development

Gichameda, Babati

86 Darakuta Ranch Ltd. Gichameda, Babati Agriculture
87 Dekker Bruins - Kilimanjaro Ltd. Arusha Agriculture
88 Dekker Bruins Ltd. Arusha Agriculture
89 Dekker Bruins - Moshi Machame Agriculture
90 Dekker Bruins - Tanex Machame Agriculture

Dekker Bruins - Arusha

Arusha Agriculture
92 Development Office Same Religious
93 Dorobo Tours & Safaris Ltd. P-15/07/2018 Arusha Tour Operator
94 Dosi Ltd. Arusha NGO
95 Duluti Coffee Estate Duluti Agriculture
96 Endoro Lodge


97 East of Lake Victoria Diocese Mwanza NGO
98 East African Business Council Arusha


99 Easy Travels and Tours A-01/06/2018 Arusha Tour Operator
100 ECLOF Tanzania Arusha NGO
101 Ecowater International Limited Mwanza Manufacturing
102 Edelweiss Oldeani Estate Ltd. Oldeani Agriculture
103 Elaete 1927 Ltd. Arusha Hotels
104 Entercom Dynamics Co. Ltd. Dar es Salaam ICT
105 Elite Career Choices Dar es Salaam Services
106 Emerson Spice Lodge P-03/03/2018 Zanzibar Hotels
107 Emerson on Hurumzi P-03/03/2019 Zanzibar Hotel
108 Endulen Hospital Endulen Health
109 Endulen Parish Endulen Religious
110 Entersoft Systems company Ltd Dar es salaam


111 Epsilon Uganda Limited - NP $60 20180823 Kampala Services
112 Episcopal Church of South Sudan South Sudan Religious
113 Equity for Tanzania Moshi NGO
115 Essque Zalu Zanzibar P-16/03/2019 Zanzibar Hotel
116 Evangelical Lutheran Church Arusha Religious
117 Expanding Social Protection Programme Dar es Salaam NGO
118 Faces4Hope Arusha NGO
119 Fides P-01/03/2018 Arusha Agriculture
120 Finagro Plantations Ltd. Oldeani Agriculture
121 Fish Eagle Industries Arusha Manufacturing
122 Food Water Shelter Arusha NGO
123 Frankfurt Zoological Society Serengeti NGO
124 French School of Tanzania Dar es Salaam Education
125 Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung f.d. FreiheitP-11/07/19 Dar es Salaam NGO
126 Frontier Agri-Solutions & Training Bukoba Agriculture
127 GCC Services Uganda Limited Kampala, Uganda Services
128 Genesis Schools Ltd Dar es Salaam Education
129 Gibbs Farm Karatu Hotel
130 Gipco Construction Ltd Geita Construction
131 Global Program Dar es Salaam Education
132 Global Service Corps Arusha NGO
133 GMP Engineers Arusha Engineering
134 Great African Food Company Limited Arusha Food
135 Happy Watoto Home Usa River NGO
136 Hasa Customs Dar es Salaam Services
137 Health & Insurance Management Services Organisation (HIMSO) P-22/07/2018 Mbeya Services
138 Henry Winkel Molen Pre and Primary School Same Education
139 Highway Supermarket - unpaid Aug19 Moshi Retail
140 His Healing Hands Africa Arusha NGO
141 HJFMRI Walter Reed Program Tanzania Mbeya NGO
142 Hortanzia Ltd. Arusha Agriculture
143 Ikoma Lodge Serengeti Hotels
144 Innovex Development Consulting Ltd Dar es Salaam Services

International School Moshi Ltd.

Moshi Education
146 Intimate Places Limited Usa River Hotels
147 IOPA Arusha NGO
148 Iraqw Mining (Tanzania) Limited Arusha Mining
149 Ithemba Foundation Arusha Education
150 JM Tours Arusha Tour Operator
151 Joshua Foundation - unpaid Aug19 Arusha NGO
152 JR Educational Services Arusha ICT
153 Juanco Investment Ltd. Arusha Services
154 Kabarole Research and Resource Centre Uganda Education

Kandoto Girls Science Secondary School

Same Education
156 Kasegenya & Co. Arusha CPA

Kata Njaa Mills Ltd.

Arusha Agriculture
158 KIA Catering Kilimanjaro Int'l Airport Services
159 KIA Lodge Kilimanjaro Int'l Airport Hotels
160 Kiboberry Arusha Agriculture
161 Kibo Foods Arusha Food
162 Kibo Guides (T) Ltd. Arusha Tour Operator
163 Kibo Poultry Moshi Food
164 Kigongoni Lodge Arusha Hotels
165 Kijenge Clinic Arusha Health
166 Kilihortex Tengeru Horticulture
167 Kilimanjaro Backpackers Limited Moshi Hotels
168 Kilimanjaro Flair Moshi Horticulture
169 Kiliview Moshi Hotels
170 Kilomeni Secondary School Same Education
171 Kimemo Holdings Arusha Hotels
172 Kindoroko Hotel Karatu Hotels
173 Kindoroko Secondary School Same


174 Kindoroko Tours Karatu Hotels
175 Kiretono Resource Center Karatu NGO
176 Kisalico Arusha Services
177 Korfovouni Seedpro Ltd. P-28/08/18 Arusha Agriculture
178 Lake Duluti Lodge Tengeru Hotels
179 Lake Natron Lodge Natron Hotels
180 Latham Education East Africa Ltd. P-03/03/2018 Dar es Salaam Education
181 Libermann Pre & Primary School Dar es Salaam Education
182 Lion's Safari International Arusha Tour operator
183 Loreto Girls School Mwanza Education
184 Lungu Farm Iringa Agriculture
185 Lupa Convent Singida Religious
186 Maasai Wanderings Arusha Tour Operator
187 Macjaro Limited Mbosho, Kilimanjaro Agriculture
188 Makao Farm Machame Agriculture
189 Makiungu Hospital Singida Health
190 Maktech & Tel Company Limited Dar es Salaam Engineering
191 Mangalu Ltd. Arusha Financial Services
192 Marangu Hotel Marangu Hotels
193 Maregareta Naseau Secondary School Singida Education
194 Maringa Investment Company Moshi Services
195 Masumbo Ltd. Iringa Agriculture
196 Matembezi Ltd. Arusha Tour Operator
197 Mavsons Catering Ltd. Arusha Services
198 Mbalizi Institute for Health and Science Mbeya Education
199 Mbosho Coffee Company Limited Mbosho, Kilimanjaro Agriculture
200 Mecplan Consulting Engineers Ltd. Dar es Salaam Engineering
201 Michel Mantheakis Safaris Ltd. Dar es Salaam Tour Operator
202 Michiru Limited Moshi Agriculture
203 Migunga Lodge Mto wa Mbu Hotels
204 Mitundu Province Singida Religious
205 Mizani Ltd. Arusha Services
206 Mjumita Dar es Salaam NGO
207 Mkombozi Centre for Street Children Moshi NGO
208 Moivaro Head Office Arusha Hotels
209 Moivaro Investment & Trading Co. Ltd. Arusha Hotels
210 Mondul Coffee Estates Ltd. Arusha Agriculture
211 Montessori Training Centre Mwanza Education
212 Mother Medical Care Arusha Medical
213 M'ringa Estates Arusha Agriculture
214 MSPH Tanzania LLC Dar es Salaam NGO
215 MUKIKUTE Dar es Salaam Health
216 Multiflowers Arusha Agriculture
217 Murgwanza Hospital Murgwanza Health
218 MUSSACOS Dar es Salaam Health
219 Musoma Water Supply And Sanitation Authority Musoma Services
220 Mwandago Investments Ltd. Arusha Services
221 Mwanza Catholic Cathedral Mwanza Religious
222 Nasikia Tanzania Arusha Tour Operator
223 Nature Conservancy Arusha NGO
224 Nature Discovery Arusha Tour Operator
225 Namuai Farm West Kilimanjaro Agriculture
226 Neema house Arusha NGO
227 Ngare Sero Mountain Lodge P-08/11/18 Usa River Hotel
228 Ngorongoro Highlands Forest Ltd. Ngorongoro Hotels
229 Ngorongoro Safari Lodge Ltd. Karatu Hotels
230 Nitro Explosives (T) Ltd. Arusha Services
231 Nitro Logistics (T) Ltd. Arusha Services
232 NSK Oil and Gas Ltd Arusha Services
233 Ocean Paradise Resort Zanzibar Zanzibar
234 Olaari Saracen Media Dar es Salaam Services
235 Olea Ltd. Arusha NGO
236 Old Nyika Safaris Arusha Tour Operator
237 Omasi Arusha NGO
238 OPEN Zanzibar Services
239 Oriflame Dar es Salaam Manufacturing
240 Orkeeswa School Arusha Education
241 Packway Ltd. Dar es Salaam Services
242 Pannar Seed Tanzania Ltd. Arusha Agriculture
243 Pelum Tanzania Morogoro NGO
244 Perfect Printers Limited. Arusha Manufacturing
245 Pingo's Forum Arusha NGO

Pioneer Bible Translators

Morogoro NGO
247 Plantation Lodge & Safaris Ltd. Karatu Tour Operator
248 Poor Uneducated Children and Widows Ministry Arusha NGO
249 Popvriend (T) Ltd. Arusha Agriculture
250 Positive Community Impact (PCI) Mwanza


251 Poverty Gulch West Kilimanjaro Agriculture
252 Poyry Tanzania Limited Dar es Salaam Engineering
253 Pre School Program Same


254 Predator Safari Club Ltd arusha Tour Operator
255 PrintCare Moshi Manufacturing
256 Lahmayer Consulting Engineers (T) Limited Dar es Salaam Consultants
257 Quality Food Products Arusha Agriculture
258 Quton Tanzania Limited Mwanza Agriculture
259 Radio Kili FM Moshi Services
260 Ramoni Estate Ltd. Monduli Agriculture
261 RAW Ltd. Arusha Hotels
262 Refugees Service Department - Ministry of Home Affairs Dar es Salaam Government
263 Regional Air Services Arusha Airlines
264 Rhino VTC & Technical Secondary School Same Education
265 Rijk Zwaan Afrisem Ltd. P-01/03/2018 Arusha Agriculture
266 Rijk Zwaan Q-Sem Ltd. P-01/03/2018 Arusha Agriculture

Rift Valley Children's Village

Oldeani NGO
268 Rivergardens Limited Usa River Hotels
269 Robin Hurt Safaris Ltd. P-11/01/2018 Arusha Tour Operator
270 Rotian Seed Arusha Agriculture
271 Roy Safaris Arusha Tour Operator
272 Safari Makers Ltd. Arusha Tour Operator
273 Safari Royal Holdings Arusha Tour Operator
274 Safari Spa Arusha Hotels
275 Safaris-R-Us Arusha Tour Operator
276 Saint Elizabeth Hospital Arusha Arusha Health

Sanaa Sana Design Tanzania ltd.

Arusha Retail
278 Sandstone Holdings Aerusha Construction
279 Secular Security Moshi Services
280 Selian Lutheran hospital Arusha Health
281 Seed Co Tanzania Ltd. Arusha Agriculture
282 Seedco Tanzania Ltd - Junior Arusha Agriculture
283 Shanga Shangaa Ltd Arusha NGO
284 Shanga Foundation Ltd. Arusha NGO
285 Shield Security Services Ltd. Dar es Salaam Services
286 Sibusiso Arusha NGO
287 Sidai Designs Arusha Retail
288 Simba Farm West Kilimanjaro Agriculture
289 Simba Safaris Arusha Tour Operator
290 Singida Fresh Oil Mills Singida Manufacturer
291 Siringit Invest Ltd. Usa River Tour Operator
292 Sisters of St. Francis Mwanza Religious
293 Small Luxury Camps Ltd Usa River Tour Operator
294 Sokwe Asilia Group Arusha Hotels
295 Star High School - Apostles of Jesus Missionaries Mbuguni Education
296 St. Clara Girls Secondary School Same Education

St. Joachim Secondary Boys School

Same Education
298 St. Joseph VTC Same Education
299 St. Leonard Co-Education Secondary School Same Education
300 St. Luke Foundation Moshi NGO
301 St. Luke Bwambo Health Centre Same Health
302 St. Vincent Primary School Singida Education
303 St. Vincent Secondary School Singida Education
304 Stopover Same Restaurants
305 Sudan Peace & Education South Sudan NGO
306 Sumajkt Anit Asfalt Company Ltd. Dar es Salaam Engineering
307 Tancan Mining Co. Ltd. Mwanza Mining

Tandala Hunting and Safaris Ltd.

Arusha Tour Operator
309 Tanganyika Arms Limited Moshi Retail
310 Tanganyika Flying Company Arusha Airlines
311 Tanganyika Plywood Ltd. Dar es Salaam Manufacturer
312 Tanganyika Wilderness Camps Karatu Tour Operator
313 Tanzania American International Development Corporation 2000 Mwanza NGO
314 Tanzania Big Game Safaris A-06/03/2018 Arusha Tour Operator
315 Tanzania Forest Conservation Group Dar es Salaam NGO
316 Tanzania Health Promotion Support Dar es Salaam NGO
317 Tanzania Meat Company Dodoma Food
318 Tanzania Natural Resource Forum P-13/11/18 Arusha NGO
319 Tanzania Organic Agriculture Movement Dar es Salaam Agriculture
320 Tanzania Safaris and Hunting Arusha Tour Operator
321 Tanzania Tree Growers Associations Union  Njombe Agriculture
323 Tanzania Wildlife Company (2000) Ltd. Arusha Tour Operator
323 Tap Elderly Women’s Wisdom for Youth (TEWWY) Dar es salaam NGO
324 TaxPlan Associates Ltd. Arusha CPA

TaxPro & Associates

Dar es Salaam CPA
326 Teresa of Calcuta Girsl Secondary School Same Education
327 The Guardian Ltd. Dar es Salaam Press
328 The World for the World Morogoro NGO
329 Third Man Limited Kigoma Agriculture
330 Thomson Safaris Ltd. Arusha Tour Operator
331 Tindiga Lodge Arusha Hotels
332 Tortilis Tanzania Ltd. Arusha Tour Operator
333 Trinity Promotions Limited Dar es Salaam Services
334 Tripple A Architects Arusha Engineering
335 Tanzania Union of Industrial and Commercial Workers Dar es Salaam Union
336 Tuishime Pre and Primary School Arusha Education
337 Tumaini University - Makumera P-23/03/2018 Usa River Education
338 Uber Tanzania Dar es Salaam Transport
339 Uhuru Hostel Moshi Hotels
340 Ujamaa Community Resource Team Arusha NGO
341 Ulea Ltd. Usa River Engineering
342 Un Lodge en Afrique Arusha Hotels
343 Unguja Lodge Zanzibar Hotels
344 United Health Care Arusha Health
345 Upper Zonal Trading Limited Arusha Wholesales
346 VA Business Consultants Arusha Financial Services
347 Valhalla Estate Limited Usa River Agriculture
348 Vet Agro Tanzania Arusha Services
349 Victoria Support Mwanza NGO
350 Vikindu Convent Singida Religious
351 VIP Safari Club Arusha Tour Operator

Wag Hill Limited

Mwanza Hotels
353 Wasso Hospital Loliondo Health
354 Waterlead Ltd. Mbeya Services
355 West Kili (pty) Mwanza Services
356 White Farms Beach Resort Zanzibar Hotels
357 White Sands Beach Resorts Ltd. Zanzibar Hotels
358 Wild Cat Adventures Arusha Tour Operator
359 Wild Foot Print Ltd. Arusha Tour Operator
360 Wildlife Explorer Arusha Tour Operator
361 Wildlife Foundation (E.A) Ltd. Arusha Tour Operator
362 Whistling Thorn Camps Tarangire Hotels
363 World Renew Mwanza NGO
364 Yokubu Associates Dar es Salaam Legal
365 Youth with a Mission Tanzania Dar es Salaam NGO
366 Youth with a Mission Tanzania2 Dar es Salaam NGO
367 Zanzibar Integrated HIV, TB & Leprosy Program Zanzibar NGO