Operating System Workstation: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 - 32 and 64 bit.
Installed software Workstation: requires MS Access or Access Runtime 2010 to 2019, 365 - 32 and 64-bit.
Mac OS: not supported. X X
Workstation specifications: processor - i3 or better recommended, RAM - 2GB minimum, 4GB or more recommended.
Workstation Screen resolution: display optimized for 1280 x 768.
Emailing pays lips: requires MS Outlook 2010 to 2019, 365.
Exporting reports: requires MS Excel 2010 to 2019, 365
Human Resources Management: requires annual subscription, with first year free of charge.
Network: for multi-user access use 1 GBit wired connections, best not to use WiFi.
Operating System Server: Windows Server 2008 and newer.
Multiple companies: requires additional licenses, one for each additional company.
General Features    
MS Office Ribbon style menu, with separate Print Preview ribbon.
Multi-currency. Use an unlimited number of currencies, and keep track of monthly exchange rates.
User manual, built-in Help index, and context sensitive help.
Link with QuickBooks using IIF files.
Connects to Anviz biometric scanners.
Export reports to Excel and pdf format.
Audio visual training program.
Printable forms and reports. 70+ 120+
Maximum number of employees:
Start: 10
Pro: 25
Enterprise Limited only by computer specifications
The software is always up-to-date: Free web updates.
Support: Help desk, reachable by phone and email. Training available. Configuration assistance by remote access.
Multi-user role-based access, bilingual outputs, multi-company, multi-currency.
Single purchase Payroll: no annual subscription required.
Back up data with a single click. Restore data.
Management dashboard
Multi-Level Departments
Anti-fraud features    
Audit trail that records user, data item, date, time, old value, and new value. Accessible only by a super-user.
Multi-level password protection. Configure length, strength, and duration. Allows the company to distribute payroll tasks.
PayEasy uses posting, so records of previous months can be viewed and printed, but cannot be altered.
PayEasy is multi-user, enabling management to run reports at any time.
A variance report compares current and previous month’s values, and employees joining or leaving.
A log file records failed logging on attempts, backing up, restoring.
Connects to low-cost Anviz biometric scanners, eliminating ghost workers and buddy clocking.
Authorize posting and printing of reports
Session time out.
Staff earnings and deductions.
Updatable PAYE table, on-line. Automatic PAYE deduction.
Staff loans.
Customizable salary scales.
Leave, Public Holidays.
Contract History.
Pensions, Insurances.
Biometrics attendance recording for Seasonal labour.
Housing tax, Loan tax.
Track Pension Receipts.
Data collection forms.
Basic salary calculator - multi currency.
Tanzania: Workmen Compensation Fund calculations.
Tanzania: Withholding Tax calculations.
Uganda: Local Service Tax, updatable table.
Uganda: Additional tax on PAYE
Trade Union Monthly Remittance Form
Payroll outputs    
Salary slips in four formats. Select printing in English or Kiswahili for each employee. One-click Bulk email salary slips.
Payment advises by Cash, Cheque, Bank. Includes Electronic Bank advise. Filter by Project
Monthly PAYE, SDL, Workmen Compensation Fund upload files.
Semi-annual ITX215.01.E PAYE statement.
Semi-annual ITX220.01.E SDL statement.
Annual Workmen Compensation WCR-3 statement.
Semi-annual Withholding Tax statement.
Pension reports, with official PSSSF, NSSF, PPF, NHIF, ZSSG, GEPF, LAPF forms.
Salary details reports.
Earnings and Deductions summaries.
Leave summaries.
Loan summaries.
Attendance summaries.
Tanzania: Student Loan HESLB monthly schedule
Project and Donor analysis
Human Resource Management    
Record basic employee data.
Configurable employee Info sheet.
Record detailed employee data. X
Appraisals. X
Training and Workshops, Meetings. X
Equipment Issued. X
Immigration status. X
Health Insurance, Medical history X
Discipline. X
Job Analysis. X
Job Description. X
Advertize. X
Process Applications. X
Evaluate, Appoint, Employ. X
On-boarding. ("Induction") X
Track employee departures. X
Severance pay calculations. X
Grievance. X
Expired contracts. X
Employment duration. X
Accumulated sick days. X
Annual leave balances. X
Dependants. X
Development targets. X
Supervision. X
Developmental counseling. X
Employment history. X